ZAZU’s Gina: torch and nightlight in one!

By Kim from Mama’s mind

Meet Gina

You might know ZAZU from the famous sleeptrainer Sam the lamb. We get to know Gina the giraffe. This is a nightlight with multiple colors nightlight ánd a torch that you can bring along in case your little one needs to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. Or if he/she wants to read its favorite bedtime story again during the night…

Gina the torch

You activate the torch by shortly pressing the button. The torch is on the bottom of Gina and you easily pick up the giraffe and find your way to the bathroom. This might sound familiar; many children find it scary to leave their bed by themselves. Parents to the rescue! Alternatively, a light, or in this case a torch, could also help as it makes little kids more aware of their surroundings and thus feel safer. There are no monsters lurking around! I remember from when I was little that we had light shining in the hallway trying to make us feel more comfortable. However, my family does not like to sleep with a lot of light. So, Gina is an ideal solution for us. Don’t worry if you leave the torch on accidentally, after 10 minutes it shuts off automatically.

Gina torch

Gina the nightlight

When pressing the button a bit longer, you turn on the nightlight feature. When you hold the button, you will see multiple colors you can choose from. Did you find the color your little one likes? Simply release the button at that color. After 30 minutes the nightlight shuts off automatically. Except for when Gina is being charged, then the nightlight will stay on the entire night. It is also possible to manually shut off the giraffe. Go through the different colors nightlight and when you come across no color; this is the off-mode.

Gina nightlights


How to charge Gina?

Included in the gift box is a USB cable. Nowadays almost everyone could connect a USB cable to a power station, either in your desktop/laptop or mobile phone adapter. Connect Gina to one end of the cable and the other end to your preferred charging station and the giraffe is charging. When it is time to charge Gina, you will notice a red light on the front of Gina, just above the torch. Is this light green?  The giraffe’s battery is fully charged and ready to shine at night.


Gina is not a sleeptrainer such as Sam for example, but it is an aid to make your little feel safe in his or her bedroom. For me the torch feature is perfect. In my experience, kids love to play with a torch which ensures that they will use the giraffe. Also, Gina is an excellent addition to your camping gear! No issues with finding the sanitary facilities on the campground. And no longer getting into the wrong tent when returning…

Gina suitcase



Disclaimer: The product has been sent to me, but all thoughts and opinions are mine and are not influenced by ZAZU Kids