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Funwhile they are kids products after all!

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ZAZU is a Dutch brand developing products for children, helping them ánd their parents to get a good night’s sleep. Founders Nynke Bakker and Sven van der Veen, both parents of 3 children, teamed up in 2013 and set up their own brand of children’s products:

“Having children is very special. It is wonderful to see your little ones develop from cute huggable babies, to mini-persons making jokes, having endless energy and showing a character of their own! But these same things can make parenting quite challenging as well, while let’s not forget, sweet and funny as they are, at 5 am in the morning for example it feels completely different!

ZAZU currently operates from two offices: One in the Netherlands where all products are designed and one office in Hong Kong, close to the production. Currently ZAZU is selling in 45+ countries.

Better sleep for kids

and parents too!

the Founders

Nynke Bakker


Sven van der Veen



‘’My son does not even want to come out of bed anymore unless Sam opens his eyes’’


‘’I love penguin Zoë! We take her everywhere we go’’


‘’I have recommended Lou to all my friends!’’


‘’We are very happy to have Dex around, while he really reassures our son when he’s restless’’


‘’We use Fin for changing diapers at night, while it does not wake up our baby!’’


‘’Our daughter loves FIN for reading a book in bed and falling asleep. We love the fact that FIN does not get warm and shuts off automatically after 1 hour’’


‘’We use Fin to read our daughter a bedtime story and then we use it as nightlight to fall asleep. Great solution!’’


‘’We use Zoë's wireless speaker to let my daughter hear her favourite lullabies. What a great invention!’’


‘’It's ideal that this cute penguin can comfort my son very quickly wherever we are’’


‘’My baby loves the heartbeat sound. She falls asleep in no time after putting it on’’


Difficulties sleeping?

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    AwardsZAZU is very proud of the awards we have won for our products.