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Pip, Paul and Howy

Soft toys with with lavender scent

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A child friendly substitute for hot water bottles. Simply warm the heat pack in the microwave to feel the warmth and smell the calming lavender aroma. Can also be used as coolpack.


Soothing warmth

For cold an chilly nights: gently warm in microwave, stays warm for 1 hour.

Pip then penguin

Pip will take you under his wings and keep you warm and safe.

Paul the polar bear

Make yourself comfortable in Paul’s warm furry belly.

How the husky

Feel safe and warm with Husky Howie.


Feel the relaxation with the calming lavender herbs.


Place in the freezer to give coolness during warm nights or to relieve the pain.


The carefully selected grains and lavender are packed in a separate bag. No need to put the entire soft toy in the microwave/freezer.


Plush can be washed after removing the bag with filling.


‘’Pip really gives a comfortable warmth and I love the lavender smell’’


‘’The separate heat pack is great. No need to put the entire soft toy in the microwave. A lot more hygienic.’’


‘’Great alternative for hot water bottles.’’


Research shows that newborn baby’s who hear white noise fall asleep more easily than baby’s, who do not hear white noise. In addition to white noise, heartbeat sounds takes stress away from baby’s, which makes them calm down and sleep better.



28 cm x 20 cm x 15 cm
All new polyester materials
Filling: Lavender & flaxseed
This ZAZU product is fully compliant with the international safety guidelines

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