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Max, Bo and Katie

Nightlight with soothing melodies

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Is your child afraid of the dark? These little friends have a soft glowing nightlight in their belly and also play soothing melodies. Just squeeze the belly to switch on and it will automatically switch off after 20 minutes. Plush is washable (remove module beforehand).

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Meet Max, Bo and Katie

3 soft buddies to follow you around wherever you go.

Max the monkey

A little crazy, but oh so sweet and soft.

Bo the bunny

Those long soft ears, makes you want to hug her the entire night….and day

Katie the kitten

Cheeky Katie with her long tail. Loves to curl up next to you and bring you comfort.


Soft soothing orange light coming from their bellies.

Soothing songs

Drop off to sleep with lullabies, lounge music or nature sound.


After 20 minutes sound and/or light will automatically switch off.

Click the buttons to play

variable volume

Two volume settings: soft and loud.


Switch on the sound/music by gently squeezing the belly.


‘’ My toddler brings Max everywhere we go. No matter day or night!! His best friend.’’


‘’This light is ideal for our daughter who wakes up often during the night being scared or having nightmares. She keeps Katie close and pressed her belly when she wakes up’’


‘’ My daughter can't stop touching those long and soft ears. The music and light give her a safe feeling when she is alone in bed’’


Research shows that newborn baby’s who hear white noise fall asleep more easily than baby’s, who do not hear white noise. In addition to white noise, heartbeat sounds takes stress away from baby’s, which makes them calm down and sleep better.



35 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm
Polyester, ABS; LED
2 volume settings
3 x AAA alkaline batteries (not included)
ZAZU products have been tested according to the international safety regulations

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