Sound machines help babies fall asleep in half the time, at home as well as on-the-go.

For young babies it can be difficult to fall asleep by themselves. For nine months all they hear is their mother’s heartbeat, voice and blood flow, which can be compared with the sound of a vacuum cleaner. Once born and in their own bed, without the comfort of a parent, completely silent or full of strange noises, in  a dark room, the world is completely different for a newborn. A sound machine can then be a big help falling asleep.

International research among families from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, shows that children using a Zoë sound machine from ZAZU fell asleep in half the time. Parents whose little ones usually fall asleep after 20 minutes on average, found that using Zoë reduced the time to only 10 minutes. The research also showed that Zoë had this positive effect not only at home, but also on-the-go, attached to the car seat or stroller.

sound machine zoe 2


Independent international research already shows that newborns will fall asleep more easily using heartbeat sound or white noise (Spencer, Moran, Lee & Talbert en Kawakami): Mimicking the sound they have heard in the womb for 9 months has a calming effect and makes falling asleep easier. Similar results were found in our research: Using a Zoë sound machine helps babies drop off to sleep in half the time.

Penguin Zoë features 5 pre-programmed melodies, to help children feel safe and sound: heartbeat, white noise, nature sound, lounge and lullabies. A built in nightlight gives a gentle glow in the dark.

sound machine zoe nightlight

Other features popular with our test parents are the wireless speaker, which enables parents to play their own choice of music or children’s stories. And the sound sensor: Zoe automatically shuts off after 20 minutes and re-activates if the baby cries. She will begin to play and light up to comfort little ones, helping them to fall back into a peaceful slumber.

sound machine zoe wireless speaker