Liz the lamb – The solution for falling asleep and sleeping on?

By Aukeline van Dorp from www.

Difficulty falling asleep and sleeping on

Many babies have difficulty falling and staying asleep. That makes sense because suddenly they are no longer safe in the womb and they have to get used to their life on earth. The ZAZU heartbeat soft toys could help babies with this. Aukeline, an editor of, tested it with her newborn daughter Livia.

You can choose from Dex the dog, Liz the lamb, Don the donkey, Coco the koala and Bibi the bunny. I chose Liz myself. The removable sound module in the soft toy has six different sounds: heartbeat, nature sounds, (three) lullabies and white noise. As soon as your baby cries, Liz starts automatically thanks to the cry sensor inside. And if it’s not on yet, you could also activate the shake sensor that switches on the last played sound.


Help with falling asleep

Livia is a restless, alert baby. She sleeps (for a baby), but she has a lot of trouble falling asleep. In the evening we can sometimes be busy for two to three hours before she finally falls asleep. While using Liz the lamb… Liz does help soothing Livia! We notice that she is mainly calmed by the white noise and the lullabies.

I use Liz every day since the moment Livia was born. If Livia is crying, one of us soon asks where Liz is. Whether she is upstairs, downstairs, or in the car, we really can’t live without that cute lamb anymore.


Livia has suffered from cramps during and after feeding. We often activate the lamb during feeding, so that she was a little distracted from the pain and drank a little better. That helped a bit.

White noise

Although I wanted to test Liz for the heartbeat function, we use white noise the most. White noise is a monotonous sound that sounds like rain, the vacuum cleaner or the washing machine. This sound simulates the rumbling of the womb, which of course was a familiar environment for Livia for nine months. Not so strange that it makes her calm. After ten minutes the sound will automatically shut off. Ideal!

What is also very nice: the sound module includes a cry sensor. If I am in a different room and Livia starts crying, then she will be quickly soothed by the lamb. That gives me some leeway.

Essential baby shower gift

Livia is now almost three months old and we still use Liz every day. We have only recently replaced the battery because the sounds played a little shorter.

It is that I could test Liz, but otherwise, I would certainly have wanted to get it as a baby shower gift, or I would buy it myself. That is why I would recommend it to every brand-new mother. In fact, Liz deserves a place on the layette.

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