Innovative childhood

By Saskia Voolmaa; Blogger from Estland

We have such an enormous range of innovative baby products to our disposal nowadays that many of us are often left thinking back to how our grandparents and even parents successfully managed without those products to raise their children.

There are many products that are so necessary that you think you cannot live without them. I have read many blog posts and watched YouTube videos where mothers show products that are ‘must haves’ related to newborns or toddlers. And of course there are videos where mothers honestly show products they have bought and never needed. I have always tried to follow these kinds of videos meaning that rather luckily, I now have relevant products and have not spent money on unnecessary baby stuff. Big win! Some time ago I saw a cute nightlight buddy in Innovative Kids web shop. It was so cute and looked so soft – how could I resist buying it? I mean, aren’t they cute and friendly? And so cool, with long hands and legs! To be honest, I have been looking at it for a while before I actually bought it. As my son, Hans likes cats so much, I decided to buy Katie the Cat. When I opened the box my son immediately wanted to cuddle his new buddy! All I had to do to get it working was to insert the batteries and to listen what kind of sounds the new toy played. There is a little opening in Katie’s belly which is held together by velcro. In the belly, the removable module is stored, which plays soothing sounds and glows brightly. A gentle push of the belly and the light goes on and the sound starts to play! You can choose what kind of sound you would like to hear and whether or not you would like to switch on the light. There are 3 melodies – lullaby, nature sounds and lounge sounds (2 different volume options: high/low).

What I really like is that there is an option to choose nightlight mode only. The volume of the module is not very loud but my little one is very sensitive to sounds. When he cuddles Katie in the middle of the night, the sound will not start playing but the belly will softly glow. Perfect!

I was very surprised how good the quality of the music is for such a low price and from such a small toy! The nature sounds are so beautiful and calming that you could use it to relax also!

The nightlight automatically switches off after 20 minutes which is quite enough time for baby to fall asleep. My son Hans got another gift for his birthday – a toy bear in which you have to pull the rope to activate the sound and it lasts only for a minute or two…  So I find it very easy to teach Hans to fall asleep without me with his new friend Katie. Although he fell asleep quite well in the evenings we had still problems with morning naps. Katie helped hold my son’s attention whilst I can sneak out from the bedroom.

At the beginning I put Katie in the crib. But as my son rolls a lot in his sleep he accidentally activated the nightlight and this affected his sleep. That is why I hang Katie on the cot’s side bars with her extremely handy long arms which mean you can loop one hand through the other onto the side of the cot (I hope you can see it on the picture below).

Katie is also a very good travel buddy! On our trip to Finland it created a familiar atmosphere as our accommodation was a boat with loud noises. Nightlight-friend Katie is a big help to us! Hans sleeps calmer and falls asleep by himself now (for the majority of time). In the future if the sounds and light are no longer necessary we can still use Katie as a soft toy and friend for my son. I definitely recommend

If you would like to find out where you can buy Katie or one of her friends,  head over to where to buy.


Disclaimer: Zazu Kids have sent this product free of charge, but all thoughts and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way by Zazu Kids.