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By Mama van Dijk


Vacation! Well, let’s hope so. It means a couple of weeks off from nursery, no grandparents that could watch over the little one and no more fixed working days for me. It sounds relaxing to have no obligations for a while, but could I get the desired extra sleep I need as well? Perhaps ZAZU’s Sam the Lamb could help me!



The final big holiday of my little girl is around the corner before ‘real’ school life begins. Primary school! Next year she starts and I am feeling pretty anxious about it – yes, I am that type mother – but my little one is feeling rather excited.

I put my work on the back burner and I am hoping for longer nights while my little girl is entertaining herself with pink dresses, puzzles and coloring pictures (too optimistic?)

ZAZU Sleeptrainer

So I bought a sleeptrainer and a large supply of green tea to protect against fatigue advised by my dietitian and mother. I have to admit, the bags under my eyes were getting bigger and bigger. Before school starts again in a couple of weeks, could I pleeease get some more sleep? Waking up around 7 am for example? Or what about 7.30 am? It sounds like a dream. From a tip from a friend of mine, I bought Sam the Lamb. The next day, my toddler and I, well maybe me more than her, were so excited to try Sam!

Sam the Lamb

We position the pink Sam on the bedside table of my little one. I hope it works properly, but at least Sam looks cute. I set the alarm for 10 am and leave the room positively. Joking of course! More realistically, I set the timer for 6.30 am with the goal to increase the timer with 15 minutes every day. Fingers crossed my girl is able to understand Sam.

What next?

Will 5 am ever change into 7 am? Is it too much to ask for more sleep as a parent of a toddler?

Next week you will find out on my blog what our first findings are from Sam!


Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way by Zazu Kids.

Mama van Dijk

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Research shows (Spencer, Moran, Lee & Talbert, 1990) that newborn baby’s who hear white noise fall asleep more easily (80% within 5 minutes) than baby’s who do not hear white noise (25% within 5 minutes). In addition to white noise, heartbeat sound takes stress away from baby’s, which causes them to calm down and sleep better.

That’s not as strange as one might think. Baby’s feel warm, safe and secure in the womb. They can listen to the sounds of their mother’s heartbeat and the sound of blood flowing through her body, white noise. The transition from mum’s belly to the cold and quiet outside world can be a big transition for baby’s. Little ones are often uneasy when they’re not close to their mother and have difficulties falling asleep. When you let them hear the sounds that make them remember the nice time before birth, they feel more safe and they feel close to their mother. They will calm down and fall asleep better.

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